We sought comfort then we engineered it.

No more rolled up towels or harsh unforgiving surfaces. Put your face in a great space. The 'Face Space Cushion'.

We have developed a product to support the face while receiving treatment. The 'Memory Foam' cushion moulds to the shape of the clients' face, ensuring complete support and comfort. The cushion cradle prevents the cushion from travelling away from the client while the client is face down and receiving treatment. The Patented cushion cradle is made from recycled and recyclable 'Nylon 6'.

When used on a traditional treatment table with a face hole, the cushion cradle can be secured over the hole to allow continuous airflow.

When receiving treatment on a bed or table without a face hole, we recommend the short post cushion cradle. The short post cushion cradle ensures the user has a clear space from the table surface allowing uninterrupted airflow.

For personal use we recommend the poly/cotton cushion cover. The cover will absorb moisture and can be easily fitted and removed for washing. This cushion and cover can be used independently as a travel cushion.

For professional use we recommend Two-Way stretch waterproof fabric cushion cover. This fabric can be wiped clean, is stain resistant, washable, drycleanable, waterproof, fire resistant, antibacterial, antifungal and breathable and is used extensively in medical environments. View Specification data.

Other products under development include.

The adjustable bent post kit for use while seated, and the adjustable long post kit for use while laying on various elevated furniture.