"Using the Professional Face Space Cushion has brought an increased level of comfort to my patients. I have found that the cushion conforms very well to the patient's face and then springs right back into shape after use. The fact that the cushion can be simply wiped clean is very convenient. We have now expanded to using the Face Space Professional Cushions right throughout our busy practice."

Daniel Zwolak
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
Ringwood, Victoria

Hospital Patient

"This cushion is the best thing I have ever found!

I'm in hospital & haven't slept properly in weeks due to chronic pain. So my mum gave me one of these cushions.

It doesn't only support your neck but it also helps hold up your head. So it does wonders for the pain in my neck. I've lived with chronic pain most of my life, and all I needed was this cushion to get a good night sleep. I highly recommend anyone with pain in the neck, back or that gets bad headaches to give this a try!

Thank you so much Face Space Cushions!"

Benita Conway
Doncaster, Victoria

Beauty Therapist

"All my regular clients have commented on how the Face Space Cushion is much more comfortable than the old style.

The Professional Cover is easy to wipe clean between appointments."

Chanel Dever
Beauty Therapist
Dandenong, Victoria

Spa Manager

"The 'Face Space Cushions' are much more comfortable than the old cushions.

We have changed all of our massage tables to the 'Face Space Cushions' and clients and therapists love them."

Tom Hildebrandt
Spa Manager
Hepburn Springs Victoria